What Is Helen Georgia Known For

If you have a penchant for historical objects with deeply rooted stories behind them, this “mall” holds the largest collection of antique treasures and heirlooms. Browse through 40 to 50 antique dealers and feel an odd vibe of nostalgia take over you. Helen Arts & Heritage Center is a Bavarian-looking building that combines an art gallery and history museum in one. What is helen georgia known for.

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Is Helen Georgia worth visiting?

The city of Helen is one of the best places to visit in Georgia, especially if you’re traveling with your family, a group of friends, or that special someone. Conveniently situated just an hour and a half from Atlanta, it’s a captivating place with a rich history, beautiful scenery, and tons of fun activities.

Why does Helen Ga have a German theme?

That artist was John Kollock, whose family had deep roots in the area. John agreed to take some photos and draw up some sketches. He was inspired by seeing the town nestled in a small mountain valley and recalled his time in service in Germany and his visits to Bavarian towns in similar mountain valleys.

Is Helen Georgia a tourist trap?

Helen has all the trappings of a usual tourist town: souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants (many of them German-themed). The natural beauty of the area sets it apart, however. You even cross over the Chattahoochee River while strolling through town. There’s also a scenic hilltop park in the middle of town.

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What town in Georgia is like Germany?

Guide to Helen The Alpine town of Helen takes its inspiration from the villages of Germany, complete with the building style of downtown shops and restaurants.

How many days should you spend in Helen Georgia?

How long do you need to stay? It is a pretty small place, so a weekend in Helen is enough to explore the main sites. You can spend one day exploring the main town, and another day adventuring nearby.

What is the best month to visit Helen Georgia?

The lowest chance of rain or snow occurs around early to mid September. For example, on the week of September 10th there is 1 day of precipitation on average. By contrast, it’s most likely to rain or snow in late December with an average of 3 days of significant precipitation the week of December 24th.

What is special about Helen GA?

Helen is best known for its annual Oktoberfest festivities, when revelers dress in traditional attire, lederhosen and dirndls, while dancing to the polka and enjoying German food and drinks.

what is helen georgia known for, Tucked away in the far northeast mountainous region of our great state, Helen Arts & Heritage Center is a quaint nonprofit art gallery and history museum that offers art education, art therapy, and sales opportunities for local artists. When it’s raining or cold, Helen Arts & Heritage is the perfect place to learn about Helen’s history and artist community.

What is helen georgia known for, Classes are also available, and festivals can be witnessed here, so check out their calendar for extra fun. More Bavarian-style buildings swarm the south end of Helen on Main Street and is actually an 18-hole golf course.

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A game of golf at Helen Alpine Mini Golf Course is a lovely idea to spend the weekend, with its breathtaking flower gardens, ice cream parlor, and surrounding Bavarian houses.

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