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Software as a service (SaaS) companies often track their current and future income in three ways: bookings, billings, and revenue. Bookings are the total value of a signed contract — you “book” a client when they sign a contract and agree to pay you. However, unless the client pays upfront, you haven’t received the money yet. What are billings.

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Are billings the same as revenue?

But your billings don’t translate directly into revenue, because you can only recognize revenue once you have delivered your service. If you bill $12,000 for the year and the customer pays you promptly, you’ll have the cash in your account, but you can only recognize a portion of it as revenue.

What are calculated billings?

Calculated billings is defined as revenue plus the sequential change in total deferred revenue as presented on the balance sheet.

What is the difference between booking and billings?

Billings are what you invoice your customers. In the case of the example 3-year contract above, your billings are the annual amount you invoiced the customer—$10,000 each year. If instead the customer prepaid the contract for the whole term in advance, the billing and booking amounts would be the same.

What is bookings vs billings vs backlog?

Bookings, Backlog, and Billings (BBB) is a standard data set that most companies use to track their business. How many orders are coming in (bookings), delivery dates are selected and scheduled (backlog), and the customer is billed for the order (billings).

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What are billings in accounting?

What are Billings? Billings are the invoice amounts billed to customers. This can be over a certain time period, like a month or a full year. Simply put, billings are when you actually collect money from your customer.

Is revenue recognized when billed?

Essentially, revenue can only be recognized when realized and earned – not necessarily when products are delivered, services are rendered or payment is received.

What is billed revenue?

Billed revenue is when an invoice is sent to a customer. Earned revenue is when a service or product has been provided. As an example, if a software company issues an annual invoice for $12k, the billed revenue will be $12k as soon as the invoice is sent to the customer.

what are billings, Billings are the money that you’ve invoiced for and will be paid soon. For example, if a client has a one-year contract and agrees to pay $250 every quarter, you might book $1,000 when the contract is signed and the billings will show $250 every three months, each time you invoice them. 

What are billings, However, to comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), you can’t recognize the revenue until you earn the money by delivering the products or services.  If you charge for the upcoming quarter’s services, you might add the money to billings at the start of the quarter.

However, you might recognize $83.33 in accrued revenue ($250 divided by three) at the end of each month. The remainder of the quarter’s value may be categorized as deferred revenue — you’ve sent a bill and collected the money, but haven’t delivered the service yet. 

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