What Car Rentals Don’t Require Deposits

Although your security deposit is refunded to you after your return a rental car, it can still be inconvenient to have to pay a security deposit upfront before you can rent a car. Unfortunately, most of the major rental car companies in the U.S. require renters to provide a deposit — this minimizes the risk of allowing customers to drive off in a vehicle that could end up lost, damaged, or stolen. What car rentals don’t require deposits.

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Does Avis always charge a deposit?

There is no deposit to rent a car, but you may be subject to an authorization hold. When you select pay now instead of pay later, as your payment option, you must pass a credit authorization. Your card will be charged the amount of the rental plus a $250 minimum hold for credit and debit cards at the time of rental.

Does Hertz always charge a deposit?

Like other major car rental companies, Hertz will put a hold on your credit or debit card when you rent a car. This includes the total cost of the reservation plus a security deposit. This is to cover situations such as late returns or additional fuel charges.

How do I get around a rental car deposit?

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How can you avoid paying a deposit? Some rental companies will even reduce your deposit (and excess) to zero if you buy extra cover or insurance at the counter.

Do you always have to pay deposit when renting a car?

Is a Deposit Required When Renting a Vehicle in the US and Canada? Yes. The deposit amount varies by location.

Why do car rentals hold a deposit?

Car rental companies will need to hang on to a deposit while you have their car. They do this to make sure they don’t lose money if there are any problems during your rental. For example, if you return the car late, damaged or very dirty, they will hold on to some or all of your deposit.

Can I use a debit card for a deposit on a car rental?

Can I pay the car rental deposit in cash or by a debit card? No. Rental deposit should be blocked on the main driver’s credit card. Most car rental companies do not accept cash or debit cards for deposit.

Why does Avis require a deposit?

Like every major car rental company, Avis puts a hold on your credit card or debit card when you rent a car. The hold equals the cost of the rental plus a security deposit. This is to guard against scenarios like late returns or additional fuel charges.

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