What Does Des Moines Mean In French

English speakers used the name as well. In the journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the name is recorded as “the river Demoin” (1804), and in the journals of the English explorer Thomas Nuttall it’s “the river des Moins, or Moingona” (1819). An article entitled “The French Impress on Place Names in the Mississippi Valley,” by John Francis McDermott, published in August 1979 in the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, remarks on the “constant habit of abbreviation” by the French. What does des moines mean in french.

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Why did the French name it Des Moines?

The origin of the city’s place-name is controversial: it is possibly a French corruption of the Algonquian name for the river, Moingona; alternatively, it may be derived from the French de moyen (“middle”), being midway between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, or perhaps it was a reference to the Trappist monks ( …

What is Moines in English?

Translations. noun monks. monks, the ~ (m) (brothersreligieuxprofès) Brothers, The ~ Noun.

Is Des Moines an Indian name?

The city was named for the Des Moines River, which was indeed named by French explorers. However, they got the name in the 1600s from a Native American term that sounded to them like “Moingona,” and which they eventually shortened to “Moin,” historians say.

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Why does Des Moines have a French name?

The city was named for the Des Moines River, which was indeed named by French explorers.

What does the French word moines mean?

monk [noun] a member of a male religious group, who lives in a monastery, away from the rest of society.

What is the meaning of Mohines?

pouts, the ~ Noun.

What does Des Moines mean in Indian?

Des Moines (pronounced [de mwan] ( listen); formerly [de mwɛn]) translates literally to either “from the monks” or “of the monks”. The historian Virgil Vogel claimed that the name was derived from Moingona, an Algonquian clan name, which means “Loon”.

what does des moines mean in french, “No monks ever had anything to do with the Des Moines River in the present state of Iowa,” McDermott writes. “The Moingona tribe of Indians lived there and the French merely cut their name down to Moin; traders went to le pays des Moins. ” (That is, “the land of the Moins.”)

What does des moines mean in french, The historian Virgil J. Vogel has much the same explanation in his book Iowa Place Names of Indian Origin (1983). He quotes from an early 19th-century account of the meeting of Marquette, Joliet, and the Moingona people:

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