What Is Starlet

In the type of double outlet with subpulmonary defect, starlets mark the outlet from the left ventricle (the interventricular communication). Whether even surgery—both plastic and drastic—can save the career of this sorry little starlet remains to be seen. Its lyrics portray the district as the crown jewel of saboteurs and reference its population of misfits and low-lifes, including evicting landlords and conniving starlets. What is starlet.

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What is a starlet meaning?

starlet | American Dictionary starlet. noun [ C ] us. /ˈstɑr·lɪt/ a young female actor who hopes to be or is thought likely to be famous in the future.

What is a synonym for starlet?

diva, leading lady, celebrity, favorite, hero, idol, name, superstar, ingenue, draw, headliner, lead, luminary, prima donna, big shot, somebody, someone, topliner.

What does Starlet mean Oxford dictionary?

/ˈstɑːlət/ /ˈstɑːrlət/ (old-fashioned, sometimes disapproving) ​a young woman actor hoping to become famous.

What is a starlet in a sentence?

Meaning: [‘stɑrlɪt /’stɑː-] n. 1. a young (film) actress who is publicized as a future star 2. a small star. 1) She makes me feel like a starlet.

What does Starlet mean slang?

us. /ˈstɑr·lɪt/ a young female actor who hopes to be or is thought likely to be famous in the future.

What is another word for starlet?

film star actor
celebrity Celebutante
film actor film actress
leading lady leading man
leading woman performer

what is starlet, During the heady days in the 1960s, the cafe was one of the preferred watering holes of starlets, residual nobility, nouveau riche and sultans. The starlet agrees to stop the affair on condition that the mayor help release her boyfriend from jail. Some of these characters include directors, talent agents, starlets or hopefuls, and will often take part in streetside shows that will include audience participation.

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What is starlet, The starlet gets surprised and shocked after witnessing so much of wealth with him in cash. Emotionally devoid, he loses his first wife through affairs with some of the starlets and secretaries that work for him.

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