What To Do In Cuenca Ecuador

To develop and promote Cuenca as a tourist product-destination of quality at the national and international level. In 2019 to be recognized as a model institution at the national level in the management of responsible, sustainable tourism, demonstrating that tourism is a key piece of Cuenca’s economic development. What to do in cuenca ecuador.

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Why should I visit Cuenca Ecuador?

“With winding rivers, quiet cobbled streets and tranquil plazas filled with daily flower markets, Cuenca is Ecuador’s most romantic city.” Charming and culturally rich Cuenca is a warren of cobblestone streets and grand colonial architecture.

Is Cuenca Ecuador worth visiting?

Cuenca, Ecuador is definitely worth a visit. This charming, laid-back city is a gem offering much of the very best of Ecuador: history, great food, nearby attractions, natural beauty, and more. It’s a favorite among travelers to Ecuador and has earned a reputation as one of Ecuador’s best travel destinations.

How many days do you need in Cuenca Ecuador?

There are so many interesting things to do in Cuenca Ecuador, and the city can be casually explored over three days. However, there are many authentic villages nearby, Inca and Cañari sites to explore, and natural wonders, so it’s best to slow down to truly enjoy all this picturesque city and region has to offer.

What is Cuenca Ecuador known for?

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Cuenca is known for its textile making, as well as furniture and other crafts like hats and shoes. The straw hats known around the world as Panama hats are in fact made in Cuenca by local artisans. Cuenca also exports flowers to the United States and many countries in Europe.

Why do people visit Cuenca?

It’s this history and traditions that have helped make the historic center of Cuenca to be designated as one of only three of Ecuador’s cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites. (The others are the Inca Andean Road System and Quito). UNESCO further recognizes Cuenca for its centuries-old colonial architecture.

What is special about Cuenca Ecuador?

With its colonial streets and architecture, Cuenca is also known as the Athens of Ecuador. The city is rich in culture, arts, and artisanry which made Cuenca Historic Center as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Cuenca Ecuador locals or Cuencanos are known for their hospitality.

Why is Cuenca Ecuador so popular?

The city is famous for its colorful festivals, distinct food, and breathtaking scenery. Because of its history and state of preservation, Cuenca is one of Ecuador’s three UNESCO World Heritage Trust sites (the others are Quito and the Galápagos Islands).

Is it worth visiting Cuenca?

Yes. Cuenca is absolutely worth a stop. This incredible and picturesque town will leave you speechless. If you are visiting either Madrid or Valencia check Cuenca, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

what to do in cuenca ecuador, Ingapirca is an archaeological complex located in the province of Cañar only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Cuenca, in the parish of Ingapirca. The word Ingapirca comes from a kichwa word that means “wall or wall of the Inca”. This construction was built in the early sixteenth century.

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Upon entering this complex we can observe that the buildings are made with perfectly carved stones, the construction represents the Cañari culture and its relevance because it was an important ceremonial, political, military, administrative and scientific center during the Inca conquest. Therefore, it is also considered the most important archaeological site in the country.

What to do in cuenca ecuador, The most outstanding feature of the complex is the Temple of the Sun. It is also surrounded by a cemetery, an indigenous plaza, and solar observatories. The tour time in this complex can last approximately 1 hour.

Remember, if you visit the archaeological complex it is important to wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes because the place is quite windy.   The complex has tour guides that provide a unique experience, guides speak up to 3 languages such as: Kichwa, English and Spanish.

Entrance fee to this site may vary if you are foreigner and is estimated to cost approximately US$6.

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