What To Do In Naples Italy For A Day

Please note that this article contains affiliate links. Learn more about it on our Disclosure page. We use ads to support our small business – we hope you don’t mind them too much. Naples has always been the black sheep of Italian cities, the outcast, shunned by its more illustrious northern siblings.

Unfortunately, Naples has usually been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and has garnered a reputation for being a crime-riddled, indigent, and filthy city. What to do in naples italy for a day.

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Is one day in Naples Italy enough?

If you are looking to enjoy the top highlights of Naples, then one day is sufficient to get a little taste of what the city has to offer. With this being said, due to the nature of the place, there is no way that you can see more than a couple of paid attractions in one day.

Is Naples worth a day trip?

Well, most definitely! Few cities in Europe have given us the same first impression as Naples did. On one hand, Naples is loud and chaotic with crazy traffic even in the city centre. On the other hand, Naples has beautiful piazzas, a Unesco-listed historic centre and stunning surroundings.

What is Naples Italy best known for?

  1. The Home Place of Pizza. Italy is the proud inventor of the world-famous pizza, but did you know that the very first slice ever created was in Naples.
  2. Historic Hotspot.
  3. Churches Overload.
  4. The City’s Hidden City.
  5. Markets Galore.
  6. The nativity scene.
  7. Superb Opera.
  8. Catacombs of San Gennaro
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Can you do Naples in 1 day?

If you have only one day in Naples, it helps to have a plan. You could easily spend several days exploring the winding streets and small shops without seeing it all. Art, history, and shopping are a few of the highlights.

How to see Naples in one day?

  1. Start with a coffee and pastry
  2. Underground Naples
  3. Visit the Cathedral
  4. Purgatory in Arco (Museum complex Santa Maria delle Souls of Purgatory in Arco)
  5. Have pizza for lunch
  6. Monumental complex of Santa Chiara
  7. Umberto Gallery
  8. Piazza del Plebiscito

Is a day in Naples enough?

Is one day in Naples enough? One day in Naples is enough to see the city centre, visit the most popular sites and try some Neapolitan pizza. Yet, if you want to take a food tour, visit some of the gorgeous churches, the National Archaeological Museum or the Naples Underground, I’d recommend you spend two days here.

what to do in naples italy for a day, Due to this rather unsavory reputation, Naples doesn’t get nearly as many tourists as it deserves. But like all pariahs, Naples is simply the most interesting city in Italy. While it is definitely saddled with its share of problems, Naples is looking better than it has in a long time.

Napoli’s temperate climate means a pleasant stay at any time of year.

What to do in naples italy for a day, Tourist numbers have been on the rise of late, so better get there soon. The relative proximity and frequent connections to Rome (trains take just over an hour) make Naples an ideal day trip from Rome for those short on time.

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