What To Do In Owensboro Ky

Tucked into a bend on the Ohio River in Western Kentucky, Owensboro is a culturally-rich city with a lively downtown and a newly redeveloped riverfront. In Owensboro you’ll get acquainted with some regional classics, all starting with the letter “B”. First off, you’re in “The Barbecue Capital of the World”, and you can indulge in the typical pit barbecue and burgoo stew at numerous local establishments, or during the International Bar-B-Q Festival on the second weekend in May. What to do in owensboro ky.

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What is Owensboro KY known for?

Owensboro is the industrial, medical, retail and cultural hub of western Kentucky. The city is strategically located on the southern banks of the Ohio River, which provides a majestic backdrop to our ambitious Downtown Revitalization initiative and Riverfront Master Plan.

What makes Owensboro Ky unique?

As the Bluegrass Capital of the world, Owensboro is home to the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the world’s only facility dedicated to the history and preservation of the history of the genre that originated in western Kentucky. Music lovers enjoy several free entertainment options throughout the summer.

Is Owensboro a nice place to live?

An ideal place to live, Owensboro offers a family friendly, affordable, and safe community. Families find fellowship in school activities and sporting events, and often rally together for a common cause. While Owensboro is a great place to start a family, it does have areas that need improvement.

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Where is the world’s largest sassafras tree?

The largest known Sassafras tree in the world, approximately 300 years old, is located on one of the main streets of Owensboro. The tree measures over 100 feet tall and 21 feet in circumference. A few other sassafras trees are 60 feet or taller, but the average sassafras is 30 to 50 feet tall.

Is Owensboro KY A nice place to live?

It’s a wonderful place to start a family. Many people move to Owensboro, KY with raising children in mind. You can feel confident knowing that you will be sending your kids to exceptional schools in the area. Compared to other U.S. cities, education in Owensboro ranks high nationally and statewide.

Does Johnny Depp live in Owensboro?

It’s well-known that Johnny grew up in Owensboro and still has family living in the area, and the actor happily posed for snaps with locals during his visit.

Is Owensboro the BBQ capital of the world?

Owensboro, Kentucky, is colloquially referred to as the “Bar-B-Q Capital of the World,” in fact! And Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn is a town icon that’s famous for its barbecue. The mutton, pork, beef, chicken, and ham are tender, juicy, and have the perfect smoky, spicy, tangy flavor that Kentuckians love.

Where did Johnny Depp live in Owensboro KY?

518 Stockton Drive was the address we had written down as the address that Johnny’s parents had lived at when he was born, and our check of the city directories had shown that they had lived there until their move from Owensboro, so this is the house that Johnny would have lived in as a small boy.

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what to do in owensboro ky, The eye-catching new Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum is on the riverfront, telling you all about the distinctive genre of music that grew up in these parts in the first half of the 20th century. And then there’s bourbon, with a clutch of distilleries in the area, including the Green River Distilling Company, welcoming visitors to its historic HQ for a tour and tasting session.

What to do in owensboro ky, The star of Owensboro’s newly revitalized riverfront is this sensational park, which actually has a history dating back to 1816. Smothers Park came through an extensive upgrade in 2012. Now, as well as being an ideal place to watch the Ohio River roll past, this is a prime vantage point for big outdoor events, from the annual air show in September to the Friday After 5 series.

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